I love the naval warship parable that speaks to the idea of being inflexible or self-absorbed. As the story goes, the captain of a massive, heavily armed warship is summoned to the bridge at some crazy late hour. One of his officers briefs him; there is an oncoming ship that will not yield to their right of way.

The captain retorts by telling the officer to respond to the ship by telling them to acquiesce to their position. He does and the light out in the distance flashes a message that flies in the face of all logic, “No. You get out-of-the-way.”

Baffled and disrupted, the captain puffs his chest and tells the officer to send a message that includes the fact that they are a massive warship armed for freedom and willing to assert their wherewithal. The message comes back out of the shadow of distance:

“I am a lighthouse.”
Property Management Companies Serve the People that Serve Them

I like to think of core values as being akin to lighthouses: Permanent fixtures against which to break yourself in the quest of being the most amazing person you can be. And it is no different for property management companies.

In that respect, I think the companies that make the transition from status quo to greatness understand that people are at the heart. And a strict adherence to a concrete set of core values diminishes the need for stringent policies, procedures, carrots, and sticks. People are motivated and compelled to action because they understand that they are part something bigger than themselves.

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