Have you ever had an apartment tour where things started off great and then went downhill really fast? According to the 2012 SatisFacts Index for unclosed traffic, on-site leasing teams are doing very well during the initial part of a prospect’s tour. Exceptional and superior scores are found in the areas of office interaction, knowledge, and the sincerity to find a home to suit the prospect’s needs. From the onset, things are looking good and the first impression is stellar.

Then everything changes when the prospect leaves the leasing center.
Are You Sabotaging Great First Impressions?

Because the initial interaction with the leasing team is so positive, prospects are expecting everything about the tour to live up to those standards. According to the index, prospects are having less than positive experiences once they leave the leasing center and go on the tour. Scores decline for community appearance, apartment condition, and apartment features.

So, what is happening that sabotages a great first impression and results in the prospect deciding not to lease? This question can be answered in one word: value.

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