This thoughtful topic came to my attention as I was reading the discussion page at LinkedIn. My first reaction was, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where these kinds of people-to-people discussions could be mutually beneficial and rewarding.”

Alas dear reader, the civility in the U.S. hasn’t reached that stage yet. There’s something about human nature that lends itself to snarky attitudes and complaining. This is coming from yours truly, who is a born optimist and likes to think the best of people.

We all have this little feature in our personality’s architecture called the ego. It wants to be right all the time and loves to assign blame to others. Like a nasty computer virus the ego seems predisposed to avoiding responsibility, generosity and objectivity.

No wonder some of the respondents at the discussion page made comments similar to Karen, who raised the question to begin with (how Property Managers felt about meetings between residents and owners). Karen wrote, “It has never ended well in my experiences.”

Marcia wrote, “I make sure that before I approach a tenant and depending on the situation, I send a letter on what the conversation is about and when it will take place. No matter what a Property Manager does there will be a problem since most people are on the defense right away. Karen, can you describe the situation at hand?”

The only situation where residents (tenants) and owners would meet and have a productive, positive outcome would be after a long-term, pleasant relationship where both the resident and the owner wanted to meet each other to say “thanks” for being punctual, fair, and exceptional.

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