Property managers can find ways to green their offices and green their properties in order to attract ideal residents. After all, you want the kind of residents who will respect their interior and exterior environment, believe in a minimal impact way of life, and are likely to build a sense of community. These environmentally friendly folks may be looking for new ideas on going green.

Be the resource for your residents!

1. Encourage residents to pay bills online and get rid of paper mail. Automatic bill pay allows residents to consistently pay their utility bills which is great for property managers! Offer residents the ability to pay their rent online as well and this saves you tons of time and the environment some trees.

2. Use green cleaning products. Before residents move into their home, hire a cleaning crew who will use green cleaning products. Then, let your renters know that you selected non-hazardous products to be used in their interior environment which contributes to cleaner and healthier air. Residents with kids and pets will especially appreciate this.

3. Allow residents to personalize their space and keep it fresh with low-VOC paints. Residents who are allowed to select the color of paint in their living room or bedroom are more likely to think of the property as their home and may stay in the unit for a longer period of time. Property managers can select a small wheel of paint colors for residents to pick from and have professionals select a non-toxic paint for the job. Just remember to include this service in a clause in the lease with conditions that you agree to beforehand with your owners.

4. Designate space for a garden. Property managers can block out a space for an edible garden or raised bed. Try and find a place that gets moderate sunlight and is accessible. Allow residents to buy their own plants and agree to a maintenance program. If a resident is growing their own fruits and vegetables in the garden, they are more motivated to keep it up. An alternative idea is to landscape using drought tolerant plants that require little water and maintenance. This is a green idea that can improve the aesthetic value of the property.

5. Educate residents on the regional public transportation or great features that are nearby and easy to walk to or ride their bike to. Green minded residents will appreciate the option to drive their car less. Once you highlight the proximity to local restaurants, schools, and parks, you add value to the property!

Residents will appreciate you being a resource for green ideas and information and are more likely to build a strong relationship with you.