Is social media integrated into your apartment marketing plan? If the answer is “yes,” then adding Twitter’s Vine videos into the mix might be right for your apartment community. In January, the social media platform Twitter announced Vine, an iPhone app that allows users to record 6-second videos that can be easily shared with Twitter (and Facebook) followers.

Adoption of Vine is still early, and while we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of how to use it in business, I’ve provided what I feel are the four best high-level tips to get your apartment community started using Vine to engage residents and prospects.
1. Determine Call to Action

What is it you want your audience to do/how do you want them to react after seeing your Vine video?
2. Define Your Audience

Who are they? Are they social media savvy? What do they care about and how can you use this to provide them information that will keep them engaged with your community? How do you want your apartment community’s relationship with them to change?
3. Tell a Story

Once you’ve identified your audience, use Vine to “talk” to prospects and residents about your community. Create more than a simple picture of your community and focus on actions, subjects and points of interest. For example, provide a sneak peek into what other residents enjoy doing at your property—whether it be a pool party, enjoying a good workout or hanging out in the clubhouse. Most importantly, have fun telling the story, much like Taco Bell did recently to promote its new Cool Ranch DLT.

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